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UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE & NOVEL-T – Meetup Cybersecurity

Location: Pers-ontvangstruimte Date: 27 June 2019 Time: 11:00 - 13:00

By: prof.dr.ir. Aiko Pras (UT), prof.dr.ir. Bart Nieuwenhuis (UT), dr. Anna Sperotto (UT), Liesbeth Holterman (Novel-T).
Denial of Service attacks, Internet-of-Things security, Botnets, Booters, Ransomware, advanced persistent threats… there is enough security jargon out there to get more than a few of us confused and scared. Am I a target? Do I need to protect myself? and How? While the general consensus seems to be that getting hacked a matter of when, not if, a lot more difficult is to understand where reliable information can be found. The University of Twente and NovelT are actively engaged in Cybersecurity research and Cybersecurity awareness. In this session, we will showcase some of our current research and outreach activities, with a focus on how relevant these can be for SMEs.